Simple Co. LLC Renewable based cleaing and polishing creams.
205 The Donway West Toronto, ON M3B 3S5
Phone: 647-285-9169
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Welcome to Simpleco LLC.

Welcome to Simpleco LLC., California's leading innovator of renewable, bio-based cleaning products.
At Simpleco we distribute Canada's leading, coconut blended products for the following categories: mechanic hand cleaners, printer ink and carbon cleaner, car wash cleaning creams, carpet and upholstery cleaner, metal and stone polishing creams, engine degreasers, parts degreaser, glass, mirror, stainless steel cleaning products.
Our products are all produced exclusively by solar thermal, wind turbine systems and static mixing technologies.

The Simple Sudz Advantage

At Simple Sudz they're committed to the best renewable products. Through 4 years of extensive research and development they have developed the most remarkable blend of renewable based products that will :"out shine" our chemical competitors. Coconut derived products are developed for their many beneficial advantages. Coconuts are easily harvested, processed and result in a final product, that can be easily certified organic or natural, kosher, and ready biodegradable by any of the international certification bodies. Inquire about Simple Sudz technology by filling out the contact form to the right.

Raise the bar with Simpleco and Simple Sudz

Gain LEED points by using renewable products and renewable energy. LEED is "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design". It is an internationally accepted benchmark (LEED certification info - click here) for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.
Let us demonstrate to you how you can reduce operating costs, provide safer work environments, and enhance the environment with our Green-Protocol products. Questions? Contact us via the form to the right